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Gross Profit Per Order and Automated Real-Time Accounting

All-in-one dashboard, analytics, financial reporting and a completely automated accounting system that disrupts current ecommerce accounting practices.

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This Is MarginDriver

MarginDriver is a user-designed suite of multichannel ecommerce reporting and analytics tools that provides meaningful data on margins and profitability while efficiently delivering the results to popular accounting software.

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What We
Can Do For You

Centralize Multichannel Reporting and Analytics

Consolidate all of your cost and revenue data in one reporting solution and discover your true gross profit margin for every order on every sales channel.

Increase Margins and Eliminate Unprofitable Orders

Discover your optimum gross profit margin and eliminate orders that don't make the cut or are costing you money.

Leverage Data to Boost Growth and Profitability

Increase your profit margins and improve your strategic decision-making by identifying the sales channels, products and pricing strategies that make your business the most money.

Transform Your Accounting World

Eliminate your order-related accounting tasks and drastically reduce your accounting costs through the complete automation of all your financial reporting and general ledger postings.

Gross Profit Reporting

How Much Money Are You Actually Making?

You’ve seen plenty of reports, graphs and charts provided by marketplaces and ecommerce solutions that offer incomplete or outdated information. They generally focus on revenue, not profits. And they all tend to obscure how much of your profit is being eaten by fees paid to them.

MarginDriver is the single, unified real-time solution that tells you how much money you are actually making (or losing) on every order and every sales channel.

Shipping Costs

Import the actual shipping cost of each order from your shipping software

FBA Fees

Demystify Amazon fees and properly account for the cost of FBA

Credit Card Fees

Enter the average charge from your card processor for each channel

Marketplace Fees

Calculate marketplace fees including sales commissions pulled directly from your Amazon account

Currency Conversion Fees

Account for currency conversion fees from international sales

Refunds and Returns

Provide allowances for profit lost to refunds and returns

Business Intelligence Dashboard

A Central Dashboard for Reporting on Profits and Margins Across All Sales Channels

Immediate Identification of the Orders Costing You Money

Hourly Reporting of Today's Sales and Profits

order analytics

Dive Deep into Profits and Margins

Decision Model

Evaluate the effectiveness of your repricing strategies and promotions; discover if decisions to increase sales volume actually result in more overall profits

Deficient Orders

Easily identify, in real-time, the orders that are losing money or falling short of your target margins; determine if the problem is shipping weights, repricing floors, currency exchange rates, etc.

Product and Categories

Discover your best selling, and most profitable, products, brands and suppliers for each sales channel

Shipping Metrics

Understand the impact of shipping costs on your order profitability

accounting simplicity

An Accounting Solution
Specifically Designed for the eCommerce Industry

This is not another automated accounting application that simply dumps all of your transactions into your accounting software that then fails to deliver the enhanced reporting and analytics you need to understand your business.

MarginDriver is an accounting solution designed for and by ecommerce operators. It calculates your gross profit for every order on every sales channel. Then it summarizes the data and sends it off to your general ledger with the click of a button.

GAAP Compliant Accrual Accounting

Hourly, Daily and Monthly Gross Profit Statements

AR Reconciliation Confirming Real Time Results

Summary Posting to User's General Ledger

Subsidiary Ecommerce Accounting System

Unlike any other - MarginDriver captures, processes and stores all order-related financial data providing the foundation for financial analytics and reporting tailored to the needs of ecommerce retailers.

Summarized Totals Posted to the General Ledger

No overwhelming your accounting system with thousands of individual transactions. Only summarized results are sent to the general ledger.

- - Gross Profit - - Real-Time Results

Gross profit results updated hourly for every order and sales channel. The data is then accumulated and summarized into daily and monthly gross profit statements.

Integration with Quickbooks and Xero

Post monthly results to your general ledger at the click of a button.


A Revolutionary Accounting Solution
for Multichannel Sellers

This internally designed ecommerce accounting solution has two distinct advantages over the current options on the market.


First, MarginDriver is designed to be an accounting system in itself (a subsidiary accounting system), where all financial data for every order and sales channel is collected, processed and stored. Only month-end summarized journal entries are posted to the user’s mainstream accounting system; no more flooding the system with endless transactions.


Second, unlike most ecommerce accounting solutions that record financial results from payment settlements that are issued days, or even weeks, after the order is placed, MarginDriver captures and processes the data at the time the order is placed delivering financial results and actionable analytics to users in real-time.


MarginDriver solves ecommerce’s unique accounting and reporting challenges at the industry’s ground- level while still allowing users to utilize their brand name accounting systems for all other accounting functions.


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Orders Per Month


Plus $0.015 for each order over 30,000 orders per month.


Integrates with DesktopShipper shipping software
Integrates with Amazon marketplace selling accounts
Integrates with ChannelAdvisor multichannel ecommerce software
Integrates with Shopify ecommerce platform
Integrates with Xero accounting software
Integrates with ShipStation ecommerce shipping software
Integrates with ShipWorks ecommerce shipping software
Integrates with Quickbooks accounting software

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