True Gross Profit
for Every Order on Every Sales Channel

A multi-channel growth strategy for ecommerce opens your business up to vast numbers of new markets and customers.  It also introduces a whole host of new data challenges, making it even more difficult to quickly and easily determine your profitability on each channel.  New platforms, marketplaces and countries mean dealing with a variety of selling fees, credit card fees, currency conversion charges and shipping costs.


MarginDriver collects and standardizes all of this data, delivering users a definitive one line synopsis of each transaction and how much money it made (or lost).  The Gross Profits Reports feature serves as a definitive permanent record of the daily, monthly and annual order-related financial records.  It also helps users to determine if they need to dig deeper into their data using MarginDriver’s analytics tools to gain a better understanding of their business and develop strategies to push margins and profits higher.

Gross Profit Per Order

Order Detail Reports provide the user with historical records of every order and the opportunity for a deep dive into the revenue and cost data underlying each ecommerce transaction.

  • Product Revenue
  • Shipping Revenue
  • Sales Tax
  • Product Cost of Goods Sold (COGs)
  • Shipping Cost
  • Marketplace fees
  • Credit card processing fees
  • Currency conversion fees
  • Refund and return allowance

Sales Channels Summaries

Order Summary reports roll up the Order Detail data to provide gross profit summaries by sales channel and consolidation of all sales channels by month.  Select any date range to get detailed profitability results on each channel for that period and determine:

Which sales channel is giving you the best margins?

Which sales channel has the highest shipping costs?

Which sales channels need further investigation through use of the Deficient Orders feature?

Which sales channels should you experiment with by increasing prices and measuring the results using the Decision Model feature?