Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Version 1.0 – Effective: January 1, 2019


This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) sets forth MarginDriver’s support services plan for providing technical support and training to Subscribers of the MarginDriver Service in accordance with a separately executed User License Agreement (“Agreement”).  Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined in this SLA shall have the respective meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement.


1. Support Services.Support Services” include the following:


1.1 Installation. Advice and/or help relating to installation, configuration and operation of the MarginDriver Service.  Support is limited to the MarginDriver Service and does not extend to Subscriber’s or a third party’s hardware, software, network, or systems.


1.2 Knowledgebase. Access to the MarginDriver knowledgebase of application notes, articles, tips and suggestions, and answers to frequently asked questions at https://support.margindriver.com.   Access to MarginDriver documentation including, user manuals, administrator manuals, quick-start guides, and API and error code references.


1.3 Helpdesk Support. Ability to submit and track service requests via a comprehensive ticket tracking system.


1.4 Workarounds. When possible, MarginDriver to provide temporary or permanent workarounds to issues affecting the Service to keep the Service in production and minimize downtime.


1.5 Hot Fixes. When a workaround cannot be found for a high priority issue, a fix may be proposed for rapid deployment outside of the normal MarginDriver development and release cycle.


1.6 Remote System Analysis. Reasonable access to MarginDriver support and development personnel to perform troubleshooting and analysis in order to diagnose and discern the underlying problem or problems causing a service-instigating event.   Support is limited to the MarginDriver Service and does not extend to Subscriber’s or third party’s hardware, software, network, or systems.


2. Support Services Limitations


MarginDriver’s obligation to provide Support Services in accordance with this SLA is dependent upon Subscriber’s strict compliance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, and shall not apply in circumstances where Subscriber’s or Authorized User’s access to the Service is compromised due to:


(a) factors outside of MarginDriver’s reasonable control, including any force majeure event;

(b) lack of user access to the internet, including any connectivity issues beyond the demarcation point of the MarginDriver network;

(c) equipment, software or other technology belonging to the Authorized User or any third party (other than third party equipment within MarginDriver’s direct control); or

(d) suspension of the Service for operational purposes under Section 2.4 of the Agreement.


3. Requests for Support Services and Availability


MarginDriver will use a support ticketing system to handle all requests from Authorized Users for Support Services as set forth below.


3.1 Responsibilities of Authorized User When Initiating a Support Ticket

(a) Before contacting MarginDriver and initiating a request for Support Services (“Service Request”), Authorized Users shall attempt self-help to resolve any issues with the Service by exploring the knowledgebase support documents that are readily available at https://support.margindriver.com. This includes knowledgebase articles, FAQs and user-generated content found on the site.

(b) When initiating a Service Request, Authorized Users shall provide the information below. Failure to do so may delay the resolution of the Authorized User’s Service Request.


i. valid e-mail address, registered with MarginDriver, that serves as the Authorized User’s login username;

ii. phone number where the user can be reached during business hours;

iii. a clear and specific description of the problem or request, including information regarding any error messages that the Authorized User may have been received; and

iv. for communications after submission of the initial Service Request, the assigned support ticket number for reference purposes.


3.2 Methods of Contact


Authorized Users may access the support ticketing system using any of the following methods:

(a) Send an email to [email protected]; or

(b) Complete the contact form at https://support.margindriver.com.


After submission of an initial Service Request and creation of a support ticket, MarginDriver may contact the Authorized User by telephone in order to expedite resolution of the issue.  Otherwise, all communications regarding resolution of the service request will take place via email.


3.3 Availability of Support Services


Support Services are available to Authorized Users between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. federal holidays.


4. Priority Classifications


MarginDriver shall classify all Service Requests according to parameters set forth below.  The Response Time is the time for MarginDriver to acknowledge and start responding to the initial Service Request.   The Target Completion objective is an estimated time for MarginDriver to either provide Authorized User with a workaround or a permanent solution to the Service Request, and is dependent on receiving timely responses from Authorized User.  MarginDriver reserves the right to change the request type if it does not match these parameters.   A Service Request can be reclassified during work-in-progress if one or more defining parameters is changed.  In this case, estimated response times and Target Completion objectives shall be counted from the time of reclassification.  MarginDriver shall endeavor to respond to Authorized User’s Service Requests made pursuant to this SLA and start working on resolving the Service Request within the timelines set forth in the table below.


PriorityDescriptionResponse TimeTarget Completion
HighThe Service is operational and deployed as a commercial service (is in production) but the Service is degraded or non-functional in one or more of the following ways:

·         The service does not start

·         The service is functional but not able to communicate through API access to Subscriber’s source systems to retrieve Subscriber’s data and provide the Service

·         Subscriber is unable to generate any reports using the Service

Four hoursFive business days
LowThe Service is operational deployed as a commercial service (is in production) in one or more of the following ways limited in time and/or scope as compared to a High issue:

·         Non-critical business statistics are not being calculated properly

·         Changes to administrative settings do not take effect or product incorrect results

·         The redundancy mechanism is not functional

·         Administrator web interface of the Software is inaccessible

·         A reporting function does not work as expected

·         A problem has been found that causes malfunctioning of a non-essential feature of the Service with minimal adverse effect on the Service.



The licensed Service is not fully operational (had a High issue) but a temporary workaround has now been found.



The licensed Service is not in production (beta testing or 90-day free trial period)



The licensed Service is fully operational but Authorized User desires assistance with understanding and properly using the Service.



Software upgrade

One business dayTen business days


5. Amendment of SLA


MarginDriver reserves the right to unilaterally amend this SLA.  In such event, MarginDriver will notify Subscribers, by email, or by other reasonable means of these changes prior to their enactment.  Continued use of the Service by the Subscriber after reasonable notice will be considered Subscriber’s acceptance of any new or modified terms.