More than just accounting software for Amazon

Transactional gross profit reports inclusive of all Amazon fees
Order profitability displayed within minutes, even before it ships
ASIN profitability analytics
Summarized statements posted to QBO or Xero once a month
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Connect Seller Central

Amazon shows you revenue, MarginDriver shows you profit

Identify the impact Amazon fees have on each orders bottom line

Amazon profit reporting detailsTransaction level profit reports
breakdown of fees for Amazon orders

Order-level Profit Reporting

Transaction level insight into how Amazon fees are impacting your profits
Don't wait for a deposit to hit the bank to find out how much money you actually made

Daily / Monthly Profit Reporting

Order reports rolled up into clean and digestible summarized reports
Discover every financial data point impacting each day or month's profitability
Amazon order summary report organized by day and month Real-time

Sales data and profit calculations done for you hourly
Real-time dashboard for Amazon sellers profitablity

Live Profit Dashboard

Access transaction level profit reports in real-time, as orders are placed on your Amazon store
MarginDriver calculates accurate FBA fulfillment costs and Amazon fees, even before the order is shipped
Live profit calculations inclusive of every financial data point underlying each transaction
Benchmark today's revenues, profits, and margins across similar time periods to identify trends in real-time

ASIN Profitability Analytics

Product Price
Product Cost
FBA Fulfillment
Inbound Shipping
< 1%
Gross Profit
Find your most profitable products inclusive of all costs and Amazon fees
Quickly identify products that are not meeting target margins
Develop profitable ad campaigns by understanding ASIN profitability thresholds
A/B test different prices and discover the impact the changes have on gross profit

Automated Accounts Receivable Reconciliation

Know exactly how much money you're owed, at any given time
Close the month without having to wait for a settlement report
Amazon settlements are reconciled against each individual order
Accounts receivable balance tracked in real-time
Accounts receivable month-end balance confirmed with Amazon
Verification of gross profit per order and monthly totals
Amazon accounts receivable dashboard for accounting

Send a Summarized Statement to Your General Ledger

Don't flood your GL with thousands of individual transactions
Monthly accounting list for amazon sellers

Guided four-step monthly accounting process generates clean, accurate books

send gross profit statement for general ledger

Summarized Gross Profit Statement sent to the general ledger with the push of a button

Match deposits and receivables in quickbooks and xero

Automatically match to deposits and reconcile receivables in the general ledger

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