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More than just accounting

Daily Business Intelligence
for Multichannel Sellers

Features and tools that enable ecommerce sellers to unlock the potential of their sales data and maximize profitability.
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Unify Your Multichannel Data

All your channels together in one easily accessible dashboard. Scan your KPIs in seconds to see what channel needs your attention the most today.

Your Complete Financial Picture

View company-wide results of all multichannel sales from the previous day in one quick snapshot. Display all channels or select individual ones to see exactly how they performed compared to the previous period.

The dashboard results are the culimation of all order-level financials, can be verified on the Order Detail page and are reconciled with marketplaces. Finally, a profit dashboard you can actually trust.

Measuring What Matters in Real Time

Up-to-the-hour dashboard of today's sales and profits across all of your marketplaces and sales channels.

Our algorithms leverage your transaction history to estimate marketplace fees and fulfillment costs for all new and unshipped orders, delivering a 98% accurate order-level profit estimation minutes after an order is placed.

Fee estimations are updated with actual data once they are fulfilled and we receive the data.

Track KPI Trends

Get a better visual of how your key performance indicators are trending over any time period. Easily identify periods that underperformed or overperformed and dig into the Order Analytics for those date ranges to see exactly what worked and what didn't.

Analyze correlations between multiple KPIs - like how margins are trending in comparison to the overall gross profit trend.


Gross Profit for Every Order
on Every Sales Channel

A definitive record of the gross profit earned on every order. Make better data-driven business decisions based on order-level performance.

Detailed Reporting

Order-level reports are the core of the application. All dashboards, analytics and journal entries are derived from the data in these reports. Orders are pulled in real time and reconciled against settlements when they're issued.

They provide sellers with a historical record of gross profit for each and every transaction. No other ecommerce accounting software will give you this visibility, in real time, as they simply create journal entries from settlement data.

Monthly & Daily Order Summary Reports

View the complete financial results from each month across all sales channels, or select an individual channel to see it's results.

Drill down into a particular month to display each day within that month, and continue drilling-down into the days, channels and orders until you find the answers you're looking for.

Your Marketplace P&L Statement

The gross profit statement is your profit and loss report for all of your sales channel-related activity. All revenues, COGS and fees for each channel are found on this statement. Using this information sellers can benchmark monthly performance and more accurately project future financial results.

Month-end accounting uses a version of this report to generate the summarized journal entries that will be sent to your general ledger.


Discover What Makes Money
(and What Doesn't)

Business intelligence analytics that ecommerce business owners need to succeed.

Maximize Margins

Search, sort and filter any order metric to easily identify the orders that are losing money or falling short of your target margins.

Unexpected fulfillment costs are often a leading cause of profit loss. Integrate shipping solutions like ShipStation to match shipping costs back to the original order data and identify the products responsible and prevent future losses.

Access critical insights via functionality that saves countless hours of spreadsheet merging and manipulation, all delivered in real time.

A/B Test with Profit in Mind

Evaluate the effectiveness of your pricing strategies on the bottom line. Reducing prices will likely increase the number of orders, but what impact does it have on profits?

Marketplace sellers using repricers can quickly test different floor and ceiling prices to find the parameters that maximize profits. After all, maybe you can fulfill 33% less orders and make 35% more profit like this client did after a few weeks of A/B testing. forward

Find Your Most Profitable Products

Identify your most (and least) profitable products, brands and suppliers after all COGS and fees have been accounted for. Compare the average profitability of one SKU across multiple sales channels.

Determine the most profitable FBA products with the inclusion of all FBA fees, and make better decisions to optimize your inventory purchases with hard data on profits and margins.

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