Margins and Profitability
Are the Focus

Timely and accurate data is the backbone of good business decision-making. Today’s decisions are shaped by what worked or didn’t work yesterday. In the hyper-competitive world of ecommerce, margins and profitability must be tracked daily to ensure success. But the time and resources required to gather all that multichannel data and consolidate it into a useful and efficient reporting solution can be prohibitive. MarginDriver has solved this problem.


Starting with the MarginDriver Dashboard, multichannel ecommerce operators now have easy access to daily key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive their businesses’ success.  A quick visit to the Margin Driver dashboard provides invaluable insight into your company’s performance across all channels with a focus on margins and profitability.


Actionable Intelligence
Timely and Accurate Data

MarginDriver is designed to deliver critical and timely data that maximizes its users’ profitability and efficiency.  The Dashboard is the first stop for accessing the key data points and analytics tools that help users make timely and data-driven business decisions.


The So Far Today… feature provides hourly updates on your company’s performance throughout the day.  Check in at any time to monitor the progress of your orders, revenue and gross profit.


The Yesterday’s Performance feature is the place to find a quick snapshot of the prior day’s full results.  Yesterday’s Gross Profit, Gross Profit Margin, Revenue and Order count are featured prominently, as well as comparison of those results against your company’s historical performance.


Margin Driver KPIs

On the MarginDriver Dashboard, users can view their KPIs from the day before, the week before, month-to-date or any custom time period.  Results are available as totals or daily averages.  Trends can be examined over custom date ranges for any KPI using the graph function.  The graphs even allow users to monitor weekly business cycle fluctuations by providing the option to view results as actual values or 7-day moving averages.


The list of instantly available Margin Driver KPIs includes: