Completely automated multichannel ecommerce accounting
True gross profit for every order
Analytics-driven business intelligence

a solution for sellers

Profit is the Point

Take control of your business with a user-designed suite of multichannel ecommerce
reporting and analytics tools that provides actionable data on margins and profitability while efficiently delivering the summarized results to popular accounting software.

1. Gross Profit Per Order

Get your true gross profit, in real time, for every order on every sales channel.

Match deposits and receivables in quickbooks and xero

2. Profitability Analytics

Drill down to uncover the factors driving your profits and losses.

3. Automated Accounting

Automate your monthly transaction-related ecommerce accounting.

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Our features

The MarginDriver Edge

gross profit reporting

How Much Money Are You
Actually Making?

You’ve seen plenty of reports, graphs and charts provided by marketplaces and ecommerce solutions that offer incomplete or outdated information. They generally focus on revenue, not profits. And they all tend to obscure how much of your profit is being eaten by fees paid to them.

MarginDriver is the single, unified real-time solution that tells you how much money you are actually making (or losing) on every order and every sales channel.

Product COGS

Product cost of goods sold from your sales channel accounts or your inventory or order management system.

Shipping Costs

The actual shipping cost of each order from your shipping software or fulfillment service.

Marketplace Fees

Commissions and transaction fees from marketplace selling accounts.

Credit Card Fees

Average charge from your credit card processor for each sales channel.

Currency Conversion Fees

Currency conversion fees from international sales channels.

Refunds and Returns

Refunds from Amazon and Shopify or an allowance estimate for profits lost to refunds and returns.

FBA Fees

All Amazon fees allocated to the correct orders including fulfillment, inbound shipping, advertising and storage.

designed by ecommerce sellers

We Built It
Because We Had To

MarginDriver was born in the real world of ecommerce to tackle real-world ecommerce problems.

We needed trustworthy data and we needed it quickly and efficiently.

We needed to know where we were losing money and why.

We needed clean, accurate books without suffering through hours of painstaking work.

We needed MarginDriver. So we built it.

About Us
MarginDriver accounting founders


Automated multichannel ecommerce accounting software

Reporting on true gross profit for every order

Analytics-driven business intelligence

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