profitability analytics

What Makes Money
and What Doesn't

MarginDriver's profitability analytics help you drill down to determine the factors that are impacting your bottom line.

Analyze Order KPIs

Search, sort and filter through all of your order KPIs to uncover what makes your
orders  either losers or winners.

Eliminate Deficient Orders

Easily identify, in real time, the orders that are losing money or falling short
of your target margins.

Optimize Pricing

Evaluate the impact of your pricing strategies on your profits. Do increased sales  actually result in more profits?

Products & Categories

Discover your best selling, and most profitable, products, brands and suppliers on each sales channel.

FBA SKU Profitability

Find the FBA products that are worth your investment by accounting for all costs associated with selling them.


Check the impact of refunds and returns on your profitability and identify the problem areas.

deficient orders

Catch and Kill the Orders that are Losing You Money

Quickly identify the low margin or money-losing orders that are eating into your profits
Use order analytics to identify the factors that cause these "deficient orders"
Boost margins and make more while doing less
product and categories

Sort the Winners from
the Losers

Identify your most (and least) profitable products, brands, categories and suppliers
Determine your most profitable FBA SKUs with the inclusion of all fees
Optimize your purchasing with hard data on profits and margins