Pricing Strategies and Promotions
Evaluating the Impact on the Bottom Line

The highly competitive world of online retail can create numerous incentives for sellers to lower prices and chase revenue growth at the expense of their margins.  Not all decisions that increase volume and keep the warehouse busy mean more profit at the end of the day.  These decisions need to be closely monitored and routinely tested to ensure they are having the desired impact on the bottom line.


The MarginDriver Decision Model tool is designed to provide users with a means to easily test the profitability of their strategic business decisions.  The tool allows users to compare custom time periods before and after the implementation of the decision and view the impact it had on revenue, margins and gross profit.


The Decision Model tool is particularly useful in testing the validity of algorithmic repricing strategies on competitive marketplaces like Amazon.  Competition to get the “buy box” can be cutthroat but the effort can be futile if it only results in more work for no additional profit.  MarginDriver’s Decision Model tool allows users to experiment with repricing without losing sight of the bottom line.


Identify the Orders
that are Losing You Money

A multichannel growth strategy for ecommerce opens your business up to vast numbers of new markets and customers.  It also introduces a whole host of new data challenges, making it even more difficult to quickly and easily determine your profitability on each channel.  New platforms, marketplaces and countries mean dealing with a variety of selling fees, credit card fees, currency conversion charges and shipping costs.


MarginDriver collects and standardizes all of this data, delivering users a definitive one line synopsis of each transaction and how much money it made (or lost).  The Gross Profits Reports feature serves as a definitive permanent record of the daily, monthly and annual order-related financial records.  It also helps users to determine if they need to dig deeper into their data using MarginDriver’s analytics tools to gain a better understanding of their business and develop strategies to push margins and profits higher.

Discover Your Most Profitable
Products, Brands and Suppliers

If your company carries a large and varied inventory, it’s imperative that you identify and track your most profitable products, brands and suppliers. The Products and Categories feature provides easy access to your top sellers for each channel and their key profitability metrics. The Advanced SKU Analytics allows you to slice and dice your SKU sales to understand which SKUs are selling and where so you can efficiently allocate your marketing spend.